After Baby, Watching Scary Movies and the News Will Horrify You

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Right after giving birth, and for the next couple weeks, new moms will go through several different phases.  They will feel the baby blues, have surges of over-protectiveness, weep inconsolably, and feel like they will never be able to fulfill their motherly duty.  Blame it on the hormones!

Right after I gave birth, I felt all of these.  I was particularly nervous and jittery, kind of like that feeling you got in school when the teacher asks you to hand in your homework and you just realized you forgot to do it.  Those nervous butterflies!  I just didn’t feel like my usually suave, confident self.  To get my mind off of these crazy hormonal emotions that had me randomly bursting out crying for no apparent reason, my fiancé and I decided to go to a movie while my parents watched our son.  This, as we found out, was a BAD decision.

As we pulled out of the drive I started bawling, asking my fiancé if I was a bad mother for leaving our son with someone else at such a young age.  Would he be okay?  Would he know I left him?  Would he hate me for it?  After I was sufficiently reassured that all was well, we continued down the road to the theater.  Our movie of choice?  Looper.  Now, if you haven’t seen this movie, it’s basically a Die Hard meets Quentin Tarantino meets Saw (and all those other disturbing blood bath movies) all rolled into one.  The premise?  A guy goes back in time to stop himself from being killed in the future, but he has to do this by KILLING THREE CHILDREN.  As if my raging hormonal mommy self needed that!  I was so physically ill after seeing that movie.

After the hormones subsided several weeks later, I still found myself more emotional when I saw stories about children and families on the news such as abusive parents or houses being burned down.  And I don’t think those feelings will go away soon as some women on’s Faceook page will attest.  On March 17, 2013, asked on their Facebook page:

“What’s the one thing you wish you’d known about having a baby?”
{These are the responses about hormones and not being able to watch scary things}

“How I will never be able to watch the news or horror movies again because they literally HORRIFY me and make me scared for my kids — I just don’t watch anymore!” – Meg R.

“That I would become an emotional wreck when it came to watching/reading anything to do with harm coming to children.” – Jessica T.

“That your hormones take a dive days after the birth.” – Natalie S.

“How bad post par was and all the hormones going crazy after birth. That was the worse feeling ever!!!!” – Jessica E.

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