Saving Money On Baby Food: Applesauce

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Have you ever looked at the prices of baby food and wondered how the heck you’re going to afford it when baby starts eating more?

Some moms opt to make their own food by boiling and blending fresh ingredients.  I think that’s awesome and gave it a go myself.  But the time it took to boil and blend in the food processor was ridiculous!  Maybe I just need a better food processor?

If making your own isn’t an option, try finding ways to feed baby real people food (which is always cheaper) instead of the stuff targeted towards babies.  One thing I do it swap Gerber Apples for plain old applesauce.

Swap these:

Gerber NatureSelect 1st Foods Fruit- Apples
$1 for two 2.5 oz.. containers

For these:

Great Value: No Sugar Added Light Apple Sauce
$2 for six 4 oz. containers

That’s a difference of $1 for 5 ounces or $1 for 12 ounces!  And guess what?  The nutrition facts are almost identical.  In fact, the Great Value brand actually contains less sugar!  I give the Great Value applesauce to my 5-month-old son and he usually eats the entire 4 ounce container.  So, it’s probably a good thing we buy it this way.

Compare the nutrition facts!

Gerber Apples
Great Value Applesauce