What to Do About a Baby Who Spits Up A Lot

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There could be several reasons why your infant is spitting up or puking a lot.  It’s always best to discuss any concerns you have about your baby with your pediatrician.  Many pediatricians also have help hotlines after hours.  Please, if you are seriously concerned about your baby spitting up too much, call the pediatrician.
If you’ve been reassured by your doctor that baby is okay and just spitting up a little more than most babies (remember, all babies throw up at least a little bit) here are some tips on how you might deal with that.
1.)  Sit baby upright or recline him in a baby papasan chair

Think about how you feel when you’ve just stuffed yourself after a big meal.  You just came home from the restaurant and your stomach hurts because you are so full.  Would you want to lay down while feeling like that?  Well, your baby might feel like that after a bottle feeding.  Try to keep baby upright for about 10-20 minutes post bottle so he can digest before laying him down.

2.) Invest in many, many bibs!

All babies spit up a little.  If your baby is soaking through bibs (whether with spit up or drool) just get a bunch of bibs.  Click here to see my reviews of the best and worst bibs.

3.) Are you overfeeding baby?

Check the American Academy of Pediatrics’ recommendations for how much you should feed your baby.  I made the mistake of overfeeding my son.  You can read about how I figured this out and dealt with it (hint: it involves a pacifier) by clicking here.

For more feeding tips and articles from the American Academy of Pediatrics, check out their site.