Product Review: Evenflo Triple Fun Jungle ExerSaucer

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This Evenflo Triple Fun Jungle ExerSaucer is best for 5-month-olds and older.

$102 to $120 (depending on sales) at Target

Toy Description:

This toy is an absolute pain in the ass to put together full assembled as you see above, but it only takes an hour and is totally worth it.  It’s hard, durable plastic.  It has three stages.  The fully assembled stage above is for when baby can sit with support.  Here are photos of the two other stages:

When baby can stand on his/her own it becomes a table!

When baby is a newborn it can be used as a play gym!

There are so many interactive pieces to this toy.  There are birds that make music, an iguana and globe that sings, a puzzle alligator, and so much more! There’s a great video at that shows all the features of this toy: click here to read more and see the video!

My Son’s Reaction:

He absolutely loves this.  When we first got it at 3-months-old he didn’t like it fully assembled.  But at 5-months-old he LOVES it.  He can even spin himself around in the seat to play with all the different toys.  He loves the iguana.

How It Helps With Baby’s Development:

The toys on the ExerSaucer

The ExerSaucer itself (in the fully assembled position) helps baby gain muscle strength that will help baby walk.

Do I Recommend This Toy?


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