Diaper Bags for $25 or LESS!

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Did you think buying a diaper bag would set you back $40, $50, maybe even $100?  Think again.  Here are some awesome diaper bags for $25 or less!  Woo hoo!

There are a bazillion bags for under $25 available at Walmart (with 97 cent shipping!), so check them out by clicking here.  Or, look at these bags I found from other retailers:

Eddie Bauer Mini Coordinator Diaper Bag – Black
$16 at Babies R Us

Gerber 4 in 1 Diaper Bag
$16 at Target

Gerber Bag also comes in Green/Blue.

Baby Essentials Mini Crinkle Nylon Shoulder Diaper Bag – Metallic
$17 at Babies R Us

Gerber 3 in 1 Ribbon Diaper Bag
$20 at Target

Gerber Bag also available in Pink for $15.

Babies R Us 5 in 1 Diaper Bag – Brown/Pink

This 5 in 1 Diaper Bag also comes in Brown/Green and Black/White.

Carter’s Travel Light Mini Diaper Bag (Grey)
$25 at Babies R Us

This Carter’s Bag also come in Black.

Jeep Clamshell Diaper Bag – Black/Green
$25 at Babies R Us

Graco Scribbles Tote
$25 at Target

Graco Meadow Menagerie Diaper Bag
$25 at Target

Baby Essentials Embroidered Large Satchel Diaper Bag with Brag Book – Black Dot
$25 at Target