Changing Table Organization

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I saw this picture of a changing table on Pinterest and shook my head.  Can you guess why?

Did you guess because those statues and topiary aren’t actually going to work on a changing table with a kicking, screaming infant

Here’s what my changing table looks like:

These are actually a picture from before my son was born.  I’ve since put a command strip hook on the wall above the hamper to hang the mesh laundry bag.  I keep a basket on the table to hold all the creams and things I might need while changing him: baby Q-tips, lotion, hand sanitizer with a pump, Desitin, and his medicinal creams.  I used the basket from this gift set:

Johnson’s Baby Bathtime Gift Set
$20 at Target

All the drawers are labeled using a Dymo label maker. The first drawer holds short sleeve items and pants as well as three stacks of diapers so I can grab them easily and don’t ever have to move away from the table (P.S.  Never leave baby unattended on the changing table!  Not even for a second!).  The second drawer is long sleeved clothes.  The third drawer is full of clothes that are too big for him.

So, what did I do to organize that armoire?

To hold receiving blankets, crib sheets, and changing pad covers I used three canvas square bins I bought at Target.  I can’t find them on the website, but here are some cute bins from Badger Baskets (at  All those white things in front are wipe refills.  The bottom shelf is full of diapers from our baby shower.

As for the drawers… The first drawer has little baskets I purchased at Dolllar Tree.  They contain mittens, socks, and hats. The second drawer is towels, wash cloths, bibs, and burp cloths.  The third drawer is extra bath supplies like shampoos, lotions, medicine, thermometers, etc.