Product Review: Bumbo Floor Seat

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$40 at Target

Rating: 2 out of 5

Product Description:

A heavy foam seat meant to support baby in a sitting position without Mom’s assistance.


The foam is very soft.


  • When I first tried this with my son he was only 3-months-old and could barely squeeze in it.  It’s WAY TOO TIGHT, and he cried instantly.  He loves sitting up on his own, just not in this thing.  I thought this would not be so tight, more like a chair for baby.
  • The buckle is impossible to use because of where it’s located.  When I put him in the seat the buckle buries underneath him, and with the front of the seat sticking up in front of him, you can barely buckle it. But, if you don’t use the buckle it pokes baby in the hips.  That’s no good.
  • This thing poses a huge tipping hazard.  The way my son flailed backward in this while trying to right himself/find his center of balance scared the crap out of me.
  • If your baby can’t sit up on his own on the floor (without your support) he will struggle to keep himself upright in this.

My Advice:

Try this out in a store first or if a friend has one ask to try it with your baby before you buy it.  Maybe it is for you, maybe not.