How to Keep Your House Clean (even with a baby)

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I’ve often been complemented on how I’m able to keep my house nice and tidy.  I’ll admit it was a lot clean before my son was born since I was able to scrub it top to bottom once a week.  Now it’s all about keep up with the messes.  Here are a few of my tips and tricks for maintaining an orderly home even with (or maybe I should say in spite of having) a baby.

Do these every day.
(Total time: 20-25 minutes)

1.) “Reset” the house every night

Every night my fiancé and I go through the house and put away things we got out that day or things that are out of place/been knocked over.  We call this “resetting.”

  • Put away all the toys. We keep a big wicker basket in the living room to throw all of our son’s things in.
  • Take dirty dishes to the kitchen
  • Throw away any and all garbage
  • Put shoes in basket by the door
  • Clear off the couch, reset pillows and blankets
  • I do this because my cats leave little nose prints all over the windows, but every night I spritz a wash cloth with Windex and wipe the windows.
  • Toss all dirty clothes, bibs, burp cloths in laundry

2.) Clean the kitchen

  • Wash all dishes
  • Wipe the counters, stove, front of dishwasher and refrigerator, toaster, and top of microwave
  • Put away/sort things in our command center.  This is an area on the counter next to the microwave where we collect all the mail, incoming documents, appointment cards, etc.

3.) Throw a load of laundry in the washer before work.  Throw it in the dryer before bed.

Do these once a week.

4.) Swiffer and vacuum

5.) Wipe down the bathroom

I use Clorox wipes to quickly wipe down the toilet, sink, and floor.  For the shower, I use this clever trick I found on Pinterest… Fill one of these wands with half Dawn dish soap and half white vinegar. Leave it in the shower and scrub (when the mood hits you) while you’re IN the shower.

6.) Dust and Windex

7.) Take out the garbage twice a week.

8.) Wipe inside of microwave.

9.) Disinfect toys and really clean baby’s room.

Do these monthly.

10.) Wipe inside of refrigerator and oven. Run a clean cycle for the dishwasher.

What would you add to my cleaning list?