Bath Time Themed Gift Basket

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Here I will give you tips for putting together a Bath Time Themed Gift Basket for $30-40 (depending on the container you choose), and everything in it will be absolutely useful!

The Container:

You can go with a traditional bag or one of these containers.  But if you want to really make your gift stand out, consider putting the items in a baby bathtub!  Here are some great options:

The First Years Sure Comfort Newborn-to-Toddler Tub
$18 at Target

Fisher-Price Whale-of-a-Tub Infant Bath Tub
$20 at Target

What to Put in the Basket

Baby wash, shampoo, and lotion

$9 at Target

Wash cloths

    • Sure you can buy the name brand baby wash cloths, but you’ll be wasting your money.  These cloths from Dollar Tree are equal quality to the Circo brand cloths, but you’ll save $5.

$1 for four at Dollar Tree

Hooded towels (2)

    • These help keep baby warm by keeping his head warm while drying him off.

Circo® Baby Knit Stripe Hooded Towel (Available in blue, pink, and green)
$2.50 at Target

Pitcher or bucket

    • Head to your local dollar store and pick up anything that could be used to scoop or hold water.  This could be a bucket (like at the beach), a large cup, or pitcher.  This is what I use to haul water to my son’s tub since are bathroom is too small to fit his tub in it:

$1 at Dollar Tree

Bath pad 

    • Some bathtubs may be too big or slippery for a tiny baby, and until the umbilical cord falls off mom won’t be putting baby in a bath tub.  That’s where one of these awesome sponge pads come into play.  You can lay baby on it to sponge bath him.  You can put it in the tub to keep him from sliding around (this one below even features a black temperature strip that changes color to let you know the water temp is just right).  Or, you can use it to lay baby on as you dry him off.

Safety 1st – Cradle and Bath Cushion, Blue
$7 at Walmart

*The prices shown are pre-tax and rounded up to the nearest tenth of a dollar.  Prices may vary depending on where you live.

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