Zero Tolerance Never Works, But Teaching Does: Teaching Students About Guns

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I saw this headline today from my local news station:

Third-grade Blackhawk student disciplined for bringing look-a-like gun to school

Apparently, a third-grade student brought in a lighter shaped like a gun and showed it to another student.  That student then reported to a teacher.  The school says they will punish the student who brought in the lighter.

Now I ask, what is punishing the student (usually an out of school suspension for several days is the punishment) going to teach these children?… Bring a look-alike or real weapon to school and no homework for a week.  What we should do is use this instance as an example to teach the kids how guns are dangerous, how they should stay away from them, and that they should never bring them to school.  Punish the student (if you really must) by teaching the student why guns are dangerous, then have that student stand up and tell his peers why guns are dangerous.  Kicking the kid out of school teaches nothing and only perpetuates the problem!  Teach, teach, teach!  Don’t punish, punish, punish!  This is why zero tolerance policies NEVER work.  They teach nothing.