Choosing a Container for a Baby Shower Gift Basket

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Have a baby shower to attend and you want to get an amazing, useful gift without spending too much?  Look no further. I am beginning a new series of blog posts in which I will give you tips for putting together a themed baby gift basket for only $30, and everything in it will be absolutely useful!

But first, you need a container to put the gifts in.  There are hundreds of cheap ways to package a gift basket.  You could choose a container tailored specifically to the basket theme, such as a bathtub for a bath time theme.  But if you are putting together your own basket or one without a theme, here are some cheap ways to package the gifts.

  • A laundry basket or one of these cute tote baskets for $1 at Dollar Tree.  Mom can then use the baskets to store blankets, toys, diaper, bottles… you name it!

  • Try packing everything in a garbage can!  I’m serious.  Get a can that will go with the theme of the nursery and pack it full.  Mom will be able to use it to toss away diapers!
  • One of these drawer systems…

  • One of those round storage tubs with rope handles…
  • These cute collapsable bins, or something similar…

$10 at Walmart

$10 at Walmart

  • A baby bathtub!  Some stores sale baby baths for as little as $5, and they work just as well as (or sometimes better than) the $40 ones!

Have any of your own suggestions?  Share them in the comments!