Coming Soon! Themed Baby Shower Gift Baskets For $40 or Less!

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Have a baby shower to attend and you want to get an amazing, useful gift without spending too much?  Look no further. I am beginning a new series of blog posts in which I will give you tips for putting together a themed baby gift basket for only $40 or less, and everything in it will be absolutely useful!

I think the best way to put together a basket on the cheap is to pick a theme and stick with it.  The items themselves may not cost much, but the cohesiveness of the basket will make it look really expensive and well thought out.  Here are some themes I will be discussing in future blogs, or you can come up with your own theme!

[Themes below will be linked as I write each blog]

Diaper Changing

First Aid and Health

Bath Time

Doing Laundry

Time to Eat! For Formula Fed Babies

Time to Eat! For Breast Fed Babies

Time to Eat! For Toddlers

Bed Time

Keeping Memories

Play Time

Diaper Bag

Hospital Bag

Baby It’s Cold Outside

Fun in the Sun

For more information on the best (and worst) gifts for baby showers, check out my Baby Shower Gift Ideas page! 

Have any of your own suggestions?  Share them in the comments!