Product Review: Bottle Brushes

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Let me give you a quick example of a bad bottle brush:

Munchkin Deluxe Bottle Brush
(with nipple brush in the handle)

This Munchkin Deluxe Bottle brush looks great.  It has sturdy bristles, the suction cup function on the bottom is amazing for keeping the brush upright to dry, and it has a built-in nipple cleaner in the bottom (pull the bottom off to reveal nipple cleaner).

The problem?

That’s a BIG problem!

  • It doesn’t fit easily into a standard angled bottle (which I highly recommend you get).  It stops right where the bend occurs.
  • When you do manage to shove this massive brush into the tiny bottle, you get sprayed by the bristles!
  • The rounded tip makes it nearly impossible to get the gunk from around the edges at the bottom of the bottle.
  • You can barely swish the brush around in the bottle to clean the sides because it’s so stiff and big!

What should you buy instead?

Munchkin Bottle and Nipple Brush

Dr. Brown’s Bottle Brush

Notice, these brushes are much smaller and fit into the bottle much more easily!  They also feature the suction bottom so the brush can stand upright to dry (the suction actually works!).  And there is still a nipple brush in the bottom.

The one feature that sets this apart from the big bad brush above is the sponge tip.  I loved this feature because I was really able to get the gunk out of the bottom of the bottle, and it reduced how much the bristles sprayed me while cleaning!

But I saw bad reviews on these brushes?  Why do you recommend them?

Some reviewers on Amazon complained about these two brushes because they didn’t last for more than a month.  NEWS FLASH!  You are supposed to replace them every month!  What, do you think the brush is magically clean because you put dish soap on it every time you use it?  Let me know how that logic works out with your loofah or wash cloth you use to bathe with!