Product Review: Best Baby Bibs

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See these bibs?  I recommend these bibs.  Why these among the thousand of bibs out there?  They meet all of my qualifications for a great bib.  What are those qualifications? Read on…

Babies R Us Brand Bibs
$15 for a 10 pack
Comes in other colors besides these. Just search Babies R Us brand bibs.

What makes a good bib?

1.) Easy to get on and off

The closures on bibs vary as much as the design.  They either fasten on the side or in back, and the fastener comes in an array of materials: ties, velcro, buttons, snaps, and weird hooky ma-doo-dads.  Many of these things designed on purpose (at least the way I see it) by the bib companies to make dressing/feeding baby a living hell.

So, what should you get?

Velcro that fastens on the side.  Why?  The buttons and snaps are difficult to do and undo and you run the risk of pinching baby while doing them.  Ties are dangerous if baby gets them in the mouth.  Finally, a side closure (like the ones pictured above) rather than a back closure allows you to easily slip the strap around baby and fasten with one hand (lay bib on baby, pull strap around baby, velcro shut).  When the straps meet in back, you have to use two hand to hold them together while simultaneously propping up baby.

2.) Keeps baby dry

If you see “terry cloth” written on the label, don’t even give it a second thought.  Put that thing back on the shelf.  In fact, hide it behind a bunch of other products so no other poor, unfortunately soul who hasn’t read this blog doesn’t make the mistake of buying them.  Why the hate?  Terry cloth bibs soak through very quickly.  There’s almost nothing to them.

Also, do not under and circumstance purchase “water-proof” bibs with plastic liners.  Click here to go to a previous post where I go into detail about those sucky bibs.

So, what should you get?

Get something made of cotton that has an almost t-shirt like material on the top.  They absorb much better.

3.) Length

Some bibs, especially newborn bibs, are ridiculously short and tiny.  These will not keep spit-up and drool off baby.  By the time you reach for the burp cloth, the mess will have run off the tiny bib on baby’s stomach.  Get bibs that are longer in length (come to just under baby’s belly button).

4.) Washes easily

Some bibs, like the dreaded waterproof or plastic lined bibs, cannot be dried in the dryer or they literally melt.

  Yeah, it’s a pain in the ass digging through the wet wash to get them out.  Get bibs that can be not only dried but bleached, unless you don’t care about stains.  There is no such thing as a bib that doesn’t stain, so quit dreaming.

Any other qualifications, suggestions, or bib recommendations?  Leave them in a comment!