Clearing Up Cradle Cap

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So, my son got a mild case of cradle cap following a really bad case of dry scalp that cracked and bled.  I cleared that up with the help of some vaseline (click here to read about that).  But nothing seemed to make those nasty yellow scaly patches go away.  Then I was reading in a sidebar in Parenting magazine that you can use mineral oil to treat cradle cap.  Mineral oil?  Yes, mineral oil.  You may also know it as baby oil:

Baby oil for cradle cap? Who knew?

“Baby oil?” I asked myself.  I had never known exactly what baby oil was for (except for adult uses…) when it came to baby.  The bottle of oil from the baby shower sat there unopened.  So I pulled that sucker out, poured come on a cotton ball, and smeared it all over my son’s cradle cap.  I did this for three days, but the scales didn’t fall off as I had expected.   But I noticed all that soaking had made the scales soft.  Now, I know this will sound gross, but I used my fingernail to gently scrape off the scales.  Nothing else worked (combs, brushes, towels, wash cloths, cotton balls… nothing) except my nails.  His scalp looked a little red for about an hour, but when the redness subsided  I saw that underneath all those scales was new, healthy skin.  Yay!