Choosing a Baby Bottle (Product Review: Playtex vs. Evenflow)

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You have a new baby and you’ve either decided not to or can’t breastfeed.  So, you need a bottle.  But what kind should you get?  Read on for bottles to avoid, my recommendations, and a bottle buying checklist.

Short, Fat Bottles

First, I don’t recommend the fat and short bottles like these:

DON’T get fat, short bottles.

When baby is fussing and holding his chin to his chest and shoving his hands in his face, you will have difficulty feeding him with a bottle this wide.  You need something thin (like the thin bottle you picture when you think “baby bottle”) to get in there.  Trust me.  Baby will wrestle with you.  Also, babies enjoy grabbing the bottle and holding it.  Eventually, you’ll want baby to be able to hold his own bottle.  Something this fat will not fit in baby’s little hands.

Straight vs. Angled Bottles

I definitely recommend angled bottles, the kind that bend near the nipple rather than being completely straight.

Get angled bottles like these!

Not these straight bottles!

Why?  First, they really do help reduce gas by reducing the amount of air a baby swallows while eating.  Second, going back to my first point about baby fighting you while he eats, the angled bottles help you get in past those clingy little hands.  Finally, they are ergonomic, meaning they are contoured so that your hand can rest easier while holding them (meaning less hand cramps!).

Bottles With Many Parts

I also don’t recommend bottles with a bazillion parts.  I have Platex VentAire Advanced bottles.  I love that they make formula mixing easy because the formula doesn’t stick to the bottom as bad as other bottles.  I also love that they DO reduce the amount of air baby swallows.  But, I HATE all the parts I have to take apart and put together when I wash them:

Too many parts!

That’s five pieces, people.  Way too many!  If you don’t mind all the parts, I recommend this bottle because it does do what is advertised, reduce air consumption and gas.

So, what do I recommend?

I recommend the Platex VentAire Advanced bottles or the Evenflo Advanced Angled bottles.

Evenflo Advanced Angled Bottle 9 oz.

Playtex VentAire Advanced

The problems I have with the Evenflo Advanced Angled bottles are this:

When I put them in the dishwasher they don’t dry out on the inside. So, I have to put them in the dish drainer to dry.

… and sometimes mixing formula is tricky because certain, thicker formulas stick to the bottom.  Other than that, they are cheap, easy to clean, and easy to feed baby with.

Buying Bottle Checklist

Keep these in mind when buying baby bottles:

    • Is it BPA free?
    • How easy is it to clean?  Is it dishwasher safe?  Will it dry completely in the dishwasher?
    • How many parts does it have?
    • Will it be comfortable to hold when feeding baby?
    • Will baby be able to hold this bottle in the future?
    • Does the product quality outweigh the cost?  Is it cost-effective?
    • Does it really reduce air intake and gas? (My recommendations do.)
    • How easy is it to mix formula in this bottle?  Will formula stick to the bottom?  (Most have this problem.)