Learning to Walk

by , under Gross and Fine Motor Skills

Yes, I know my soon is only 3.5 months old, but he is already learning to walk.  He can stand on his own with very minimal support and takes steps that are just the newborn steeping reflex.  He hates sitting still.  If he’s sitting in my lap, he’ll scoot to the edge until his feet are touching the ground and push to stand up.  His determination to walk at such a young age is amazing.

So, this is how we practice walking.

In his nursery (which was my bedroom) is a large closet with the sliding mirror doors.  I clear a path to the mirror and sit at the opposite end of the room from it.  I support my son as he stands in front of me.  As he walks toward the baby in the mirror, I scoot on my bum.

Why it works:

Babies love looking at other babies.  By about 3 months old, they start gravitating toward other babies in the room. When my son sees the “baby” in the mirror, he wants to get close, so it encourages him to keep walking.  It’s more encouraging than any toy he has because he hasn’t yet made personal connections with toys.

Also, looking at himself in the mirror will speed along self-recognition.

Don’t have a mirrored closet?

Go out to Walmart and buy a cheap $5 full-length mirror.  Prop or hang it up in the nursery so the bottom is touching the ground and so baby can see himself from across the room.