The Worst Baby Shower Gifts

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DO NOT under any circumstance get items for mom and dad that they specifically said NOT to get them.  Just don’t do it.  It’s rude.  And no 8-months-pregnant woman wants to stand in a customer service center trying to return something she specifically said not to get.

1.) Baby clothes for the wrong season

If baby will be 3 months old in the middle of July, don’t buy thick, fleece, long sleeve jumpers in size 3 months.  Think about how old baby will be and during what season before purchasing any clothing (that goes for thick hats too).

2.) Clothes or toys that are difficult to clean

This could mean anything with really strict cleaning instructions–you know the sort of clothing items a toys that practically take a degree in deep cleaning to get spotless again!

3.) Items for the wrong gender

If you don’t know the gender, stick to yellow, green, or white and avoid anything frilly and lacy!

4.) Wipe warmer

Really, this is an absolutely useless gift.  No mommy has time to wait for wipes to warm up.  Baby needs his stinky diaper changed.  Pronto.  And baby really won’t care if the diapers are a little cool.

5.) Bottle warmer for the car

Bottles only last an hour pre-made and unrefrigerated.  Unless you have a refrigerator in your car and removed the bottle directly from it, you will never need this.  My trick for traveling with bottles: fill the bottle with the correct amount of powder.  Fill a separate water bottle (I love the Copco Hydra reusable ones) with tap water.  Mix as soon as you’re ready to feed  baby.

6.) Bottle sterilizer

According to the Mayo Clinic, there is no need to sterilize bottles and nipples before every use.  Just make sure you do before the first time you ever use them.

7.) Shirts with sayings like “I’m not fat, I just had a baby.”

Do I even have to explain this one?  Add to that baby outfits with swear words and offensive sayings.  The parents-to-be might swear like sailors when out with friends, but they may not want their baby advertising that sort of language.

8.) Toys baby won’t be able to use for at least a year

They will just have to be stored.  With all the other baby stuff needing stored, this will be a hassle.  Plus, mommy and daddy will have to go out and buy age-appropriate toys for baby themselves, which is no good when you have a little baby in tote.

9.) Breast Pump

Leave personal items like this for mommy to buy, unless you are closely related and mommy hinted that she’d like you to buy one.  This goes for pads and undies as well.

10.) Gift certificate to a fancy restaurant (if you don’t plan to offer to babysit)

Mom won’t be able (nor will she want) to go out for a long time, and especially not with baby.  Wait until baby is a little older and mom is ready to hand him over for the evening before gifting this.


Always, always, always give a receipt.  Even if you listen to me and get an awesome gift, mom may still have a reason to return it.  Or just get a gift card.  Gift cards are always appreciated.

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