Product Review: Waterproof Bibs

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My son is a drooler and a messy eater.  Yes, he’s only 3.5 months old, but we’ve been feeding him with a spoon (he cooperates surprisingly well) so we can give him thicker formula in the hopes he will keep food down better.  He spits-up a lot.  So, I would be the perfect go-to mom when it comes to bibs.

Whatever you do, do not purchase waterproof bibs that have the plastic front, such as these:

Neat Solutions Easywipe Boys’ Bib $6 at Target

These are from Target, but Wal Mart also sells similar bibs.  Here’s why:



They melt in the wash.  I accidentally put the bibs in the dryer the first time I used them, and they melted.  That bottom pocket?  Yea, it’s melted together like that.  So I was cautious washing the next batch and followed instructions: cold water to wash and let air-dry.  Guess what?  They still melted and looked like crap.

Here’s another reason to not purchase them:


My son is 3.5 months old and these bibs are huge on him!  So what’s the big deal, you say?  Why not just use them when he’s older, you say?  Because the neck hole is so small it chokes him, and he has a little neck!  A bigger baby couldn’t possibly wear this.

So, take my advice.  DO NOT BUY WATERPROOF BIBS!