Book Review: Geraldine’s Baby Brother

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I know I don’t usually write baby advice for children older than my son.  But for any mothers out there who are trying to introduce a new baby to a jealous older sibling, I have a book for you.  It’s called Geraldine’s Baby Brother by Holly Keller.

It’s a book I got way back when I was in elementary school, so the only way to purchase it now is used through e-bay or Barnes and Noble (no fear, they have used copies starting at $1 plus shipping).

The story is about a little girl (yes, they are pigs) named Geraldine who is jealous of her baby brother.  Her whole family is cooing over the baby, and she feels replaced.  Her jealousy is further compounded when a neighbor friend brings a large present for the baby, but a very small present for Geraldine.  Then one night everything changes when Geraldine’s baby brother smiles at her for the first time.  She makes a connection with her brother — one I’m sure every mother has felt the first time her baby smiled — and she feels no more jealousy.

This would be a great story to help older siblings adjust to a new baby!  And you can even start now reading it to your infant.  That’s what I do while my son is playing on his play gym.

Happy Reading!


Do you have a suggestion for a story that will help older children accept a new baby sibling?  Share it in the comments!