Vaseline and Its Many Uses

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Until I had a baby I had no idea how many uses vaseline actually has!  I knew you could get loveable, soft feet using it–rub some on, slip on some cotton socks, and go to sleep for baby-soft feet in the morning.  But, I had no idea of its other uses.

This is the vaseline I used that we got from the hospital:

Kendall Healthcare Products Vaseline Petroleum Jelly
$4 at

But this will work just as well:

Vaseline 100% Pure Petroleum Jelly, 13 oz
$3 at Walmart

Allow me to share the uses:

1.) Taking Baby’s Temperature

You’ll probably figure this one out in the hospital when the pediatrician comes in to take baby’s temperature fifty-thousand times a day.  The best way to get an accurate temperature when it comes to infants is to take it rectally (that means in the butt, folks).  For this, you will need vaseline to make the probe slide in easily.  Honestly, baby will barely notice.  Save your ear thermometer you got at the shower for when your child gets older and refuses to drop his pants for a temp check.

2.) Cracked or Dry Skin and Cradle Cap

My son had a sudden case of cradle cap so bad that his skin cracked and started bleeding.  It literally happened over-night even though I had been using Johnson’s Baby Lotion (the pink stuff) all the time on his head.  My fiancé suggested we use vaseline to keep the moisture in and alleviate some of his discomfort.  Turns out, we did the right thing.  Our pediatrician told us that was a smart move because it prevented the skin from cracking worse.  In fact, she told us to keep applying vaseline until it healed.

3.) Rashes

My son had a red, rough dry patch on each cheek for over a month.  No amount of lotion helped.  I even tried Desitin since it’s supposed to help with rashes.  No dice.  I whipped out that vaseline after it did wonders on his cradle cap.  And what do you know?  It helped!  Of course the rash kept recurring because he had such dry skin.  I was told by my son’s pediatrician  to apply Cortisone 1% cream.  I did, and the rash went away overnight and hasn’t reappeared.  But in the meantime, until you can see the doc, try some vaseline.

4.) Circumcised Penis

This is another thing you will learn in the hospital.  The vaseline will help keep the open wound on the penis from chaffing on the diaper.

What other uses for vaseline do you know of?  Share them in the comments!  They don’t have to be baby related.