Grocery Shopping (with baby) Tips

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Even if you do forget the list, the act of writing it will help you remember what to get once you are at the store.  When going to store with baby, you’re going to want to get in and out quickly before he starts fussing.  Here’s my trick to getting shopping done quickly:

1.) Make a list

I always start shopping in the back of the store and work my way forward so by the time I’m ready to check out I’m already up front.  Make your list starting with items that are in the back so you can check them off as you go along.

2.) Clip coupons ahead of time

You know what you are going to get before you even go to the store, so pick out only those coupons you know you’ll be using.  If you do this, you won’t be wasting time digging through your coupon book of expired coupons.  Also, it might even curb you from impulse buying by knowing exactly what you’ll be buying.  Yay money saving!

3.) Attach coupons to list

I take my list and fold it into fours (in half, and then in half again hamburger-style).  Then I tuck the coupons I will be using into the folds and paperclip them.  This helps keep you more hands-free as you shop and it keeps everything organized.

Happy shopping!