Best Age-Appropriate Toys For…. Two-Month-Olds

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Everyone loves to buy gifts for a new baby.  Based on my experience though (and don’t take this as me not being appreciative, because I am), sometimes gift givers don’t purchase age-appropriate gifts.  I know I have baskets of toys and clothes I’ve been given that my son won’t be ready for until he’s at least a year old.  Unfortunately, those toys will just sit there.

My picks for two-month-olds!

Remember, baby may still like playing with toys appropriate for a newborn or one-month-old.

My son suddenly became interested in reaching for objects during his second month.  Unfortunately, babies at this age still do not have enough coordination to reach out and grab things.  They tend to reach out to grab but end up just swatting.  That’s why the play gym (from age-appropriate gifts for one-month-olds) will continue to be a great toy into the second month.

By the end of the second month, your baby will probably be able to sit up better and hold his head up.  That’s where my son is now.  Some activities he really enjoys are:

Being walked around in his Snugli:

This particular baby carrier that I use is convertible so that baby can face out or in.  My son loves it.  Unfortunately, you probably won’t find this exact baby carrier brand-new.  I bought mine used.  Just look for a convertible one that is soft without a frame.  And always check the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) for recalls when buying items like this, especially if they are used.

Sitting on my lap and feeling his soft, sensory books:

I sit indian-style on the floor and put by son in the nook of my lap, leaning against me, and hold the book in front of us.  At 10 weeks old, he just started reaching out and touching the crinkly pages.  He loves it!

Skip Hop Treetop Friends Soft Activity Book
Approximately $14 at

Listening to me make his stuffed animals talk:

My son loves his Cookie Monster stuffed animal.  Correction.  He loves the VOICE I make when he plays with his stuffed animal.  Yes, my throat hurts afterward.

Cookie Monster Stuffed Animal
$8 at

He also loves this stuffed bear, blanket thing (some people call them Lovies).  We call him Pere Noel, but it has a Latino accent.  My son loves the accent!  My friend bought this used for me, but you can find similar blanket animals like the Disney Winnie the Pooh Lovie Blanket.

Pere Noel Bear

Disney Winnie the Pooh Lovie Blanket
Approximately $5 at Toys R Us

Listening to songs and watching the lights on his VTech book:

This book sings nursery rhymes and lights up.  My son loves the lights and sounds, but holding the book up for him can be exhausting for the arms.  You might be able to find a similar toy that lights up and sings with bright, colorful pictures and that you don’t have to hold.

VTech – Rhyme and Discover Book
Approximately $14 at

And Reaching for small, colorful rattles:

My son just started reaching out and grabbing this toy at 10 weeks old.

Bright Starts Rattle & Shake Barbell
Approximately $3 at