Best Age-Appropriate Toys For…. Newborns

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Everyone loves to buy gifts for a new baby.  Based on my experience though (and don’t take this as me not being appreciative, because I am), sometimes gift givers don’t purchase age-appropriate gifts.  I know I have baskets of toys and clothes I’ve been given that my son won’t be ready for until he’s at least a year old.  Unfortunately, those toys will just sit there.

My pick for newborns!

All a newborn wants to do is cuddle, sleep, eat, and poop.  Toys aren’t really a necessity in the first few weeks.  My son wasn’t interested in looking at toys until one-month old.  Instead, buy items for the mother to help her cuddle with her baby.  Pacifiers are also a great option…


WubbaNub Giraffe
$18 at

Many of my mommy-friends have recommended WubbaNubs, pacifiers with plush animals on the end.  I haven’t personally tried it, but I understand why a baby might like it.  My son had a luvie blanket…

Pere Noel Bear

… that he loved to hold  before he was one month old.  He still loves it even though he is much older (three months at time of writing).

Toy Description:

A plush animal toy attached to a pacifier.  Great for babies of all ages!  This item is medical grade.  It does not contain harmful chemicals and allergens such as latex, PVC, BPA, and phthalates.  Click here to learn more about plastic safety in baby products.

How It Helps With Baby’s Development:

These WubbaNubs provide an outlet for two needs a baby has: sucking action and grabbing. Baby can practice his fine motor skills by grabbing at the toy while he sucks.  The sucking motion of the pacifier can also help baby learn to self-sooth, and he may learn to bond with the animal, thus making it a comfort toy that you can whip out to calm baby down.