Change That Poopy Diaper (with half the mess!)

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Maybe you’ve been in the same boat as me when it comes to changing your infant’s poopy diaper–the entire outfit ends up needing changed!  Between the poopy blow-outs that go the entire way down his pant leg, peeing all over himself before I can get the diaper on, and throwing up because he’s pushing and grunting so hard, I go through a lot of outfits in one day.  Here are some of my tips to reduce the mess:

1.) Lay down a barrier

I’m sure your changing pad has a fabric cover on it, but once it gets poopy you have to toss it in the wash.  And it’s bound to get poopy ever time you change that diaper.  Change no more!  What I do is–when I know the diaper is a poop and not just pee– I lay down a secondary changing pad.  I use the plastic-like-material backed one from my Vera Bradley diaper bag.  It’s basically just a rectangle of fabric with that weird plastic material you find on the back of some baby bibs.  I lay the plastic side up.  If he poops on it, I wipe it off with wipe and antibacterial solution (rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer works) and throw it in the wash once a week.  I store it by hanging it over his dirty clothes hamper.

Here’s a good pad to buy.  One side is cotton, the other vinyl.  Put the vinyl side up!

American Baby Company Waterproof Quilted Lap and Burp Pad Covers Two Pack Set
$17 at

2.) Remove socks!

I’m sure you do this already after your baby kicked his foot into a full, smelly diaper.  Always, always remove the socks!

3.) Hike up the onesie HIGH behind baby’s back

Same as the sock thing… I’m sure you already know to do this

4.) Open all containers you will need and have a diaper ready

I make sure the diaper pail is open, the wipes are open and pulling out easy, and I even open up the diaper so i can whip it on as soon as possible.  These steps will help you prevent that sudden pee shower (especially if you have a boy) by cutting down the time he’s just hanging out in the open, looking for a target.

5.) Keep a burp cloth on hand

You just never know when baby will spit up.  My son loves to do it every time I change him.  He usually has a bib on all day because he’s such a drooly, spitty-uppy baby.  So, I keep a stack of burp cloths in a drawer next to the changing table (and another stack downstairs in the kitchen) so I can grab them quickly. Remember to never walk away from a baby on the changing table!!  He/she could roll over at any time.  Keeping cloths nearby will prevent you from walking away.

6.) Tip for a “just pee” diaper…

You don’t need to use a wipe every time baby just pees.  Pee is actually sterile.  Just don’t let baby sit in a peed diaper all day.  If you change the diaper every three hours (I do it before every feeding) you’re all good.