Preparing Your Home For Baby’s Arrival: Kitchen Cupboard

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Make room in the kitchen cupboards!  You will need somewhere to put all those bottles, brushes, bibs, burp cloths, extra formula, and rice cereal.  I cleared out one cupboard next to my refrigerator and labeled it Baby Supplies.

Baby Supply Cupboard

I used some baskets I found at Walmart

Mainstays Storage Basket @ Walmart

and one from Family Dollar

to store the baby supplies.

    • one for bottle and nipples
    • one for burp cloths
    • one for bottles to store water for traveling (instead of buying bottle water, we bring our own in these bottles)

Lansinoh Breast Milk Storage Bottle

Lansinoh Affinity Breast Milk Storage Bottles
Approximately $7.50 at

I need another one for bibs!

This is what my cupboard looks like on the inside:

All that stuff on the bottom right need baskets!  I have extra rice cereal, formula, bibs, and a bottle brush there.  The stuff on the bottom left is extraneous household supplies… they need a new home!


Share with me your baby supply storage solutions by putting a link to your blog in the comments!  I might even select a few of the best ones to feature on this post (meaning more traffic for you)!