Safe Sleep Practices for Baby

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I saw this comic…

on the Parenting Fails of Fail Blog, and though I found it funny, it brings up a great point:  DO NOT ALLOW YOUR INFANT TO SLEEP IN BED WITH YOU.  Apparently, some parents need reminding that the parents’ bed is not a safe place for baby to sleep.  So, what’s the recommended, safest way to put baby to sleep?  Here are some more rules to follow when putting your child to sleep brought to you from the American Academy of Pediatrics’ website:

1.) The child should be placed in a crib.

2.) The crib should have a firm mattress.

3.) NO fluffy blankets, pillows, or toys that could be pulled to the baby’s face and suffocate him.

4.) Bumper pads are not recommended.

5.) There should be NO space between the mattress and crib rails where the baby could get trapped and suffocate.

6.) You shouldn’t be able to fit more than three fingers between each slat in the railing.

7.) The crib should not be drop side.  If it is, get a kit to fix it s it can’t drop down.

8.)  Always remember BACK to sleep, tummy to play.  Put your child on his back to sleep.

9.) Keep the baby at a safe temperature.  The AAP recommends the room temperature be between 69 and 73 degrees.  Also, do not overdress your baby.  Overheating can lead to serious medical problems, including brain damage and death.

For more about crib safety standards, visit the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission’s web site on crib safety.