This is NOT Safe!

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I was looking on Pinterest at ideas for newborn baby shoots when I came across Leah Remillet’s site.  SHe is a blogger/photographer.  On the site she had this photo:

Please, DO NOT DO THIS TO YOUR CHILD.  Do I really need to even say this? Despite the photographer’s insistence that this photo is photoshopped and the child is in no danger, that doesn’t mean idiot parents out there aren’t going to see this, think it is real, and really hang their child upside down.  It’s not even pleasing to look at a child dangling there, photoshopped or not.  I don’t want to see images like this.

  1. birminghambell

    Our little girl likes to be held upside down (except we use both hands and don’t do it 4 feet in the air like this lol) She will be angry one minute, and I can flip her upside down in my lap and she will start laughing!