Baby Shower Games

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1. The Price Is Right

Line up several baby products in a row and have guests guess the retail price of each item.  The guest with the most correct points gets a prize and the mommy-to-be gets all the baby products!

2. Mommy’s Tummy Size

Get a ball of yarn or other string and have guests cut a piece that they think will be the circumference (how big around) of mommy-to-be’s stomach.  After each guest has her piece of string, have her come up to mommy-to-be and wrap the yarn around her.  The guest who guesses the closest without going over (who wants to be judged bigger than she actually is!) wins!

3. Bottle Chugging

This is a fun game for the men at the shower.  Fill baby bottles with some sort of liquid.  One shower I went to used beer, and the guys loved it!  Then have the men “chug” the bottles with the nipples still on.  The first person to finish wins!  (Beware of cheaters who will twist the nipple off just to get the beer faster! 🙂

4. Hanging Baby Clothes/Multi-tasking

This game tests how well your guests can multi-task doing jobs typical of mothers.  You’ll need for this game:

      • clothes line
      • clothes pins
      • baby clothes
      • telephone (cordless preferably)
      • baby doll
      • timer

How the game works: each guest gets a turn to multi-task.  In one minute’s time, the guest must hang as many baby clothes on the line (using the clothes pins) while holding the baby doll and talking on the phone.  Talking on the phone involves another guest asking the contestant a series of random questions.  The person to hang the most clothes on the line without dropping the baby wins!

5. Guess the Candy in the Diaper

Grab several different candy bars (like Snickers, Milky Way, Hundred Grand, etc.) and melt them in a diaper so they look like baby poop.  Have guests guess what candy bar is in which diaper.  The guest with the most correct guesses wins!

6. Gift Bingo

Give out blank bingo cards and have guests fill in the spaces with baby items.  As mommy-to-be opens her gifts, guests check off the items on their card.  The first person to get BINGO wins!

Got another game idea?  Leave a comment!!