Birth Plan

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Even though I’m not due until October 13, 2012 I am getting the feeling that the baby is coming early.  My fiancé has even been joking that the baby is coming early because (according to him) I’ve been nesting.  I’ve been making lists of things that need done, have ramped up final baby stuff shopping, and got the nursery all organized.  I don’t consider this nesting so much as necessary pre-baby procedures.  If I don’t do it, who will!?!

So, since I’ve been having the feeling he’s coming early, I put together my birth plan.  It’s rather detailed, and I hope the doctor doesn’t hate me for it.

Click here to see it!

Feel free to use it as a guide for your own birth plan writing.  I used the birth plan template at to aid in writing mine as well as some pregnancy books and magazines.


UPDATE: My baby ended up being born via a planned c-section because he was breech.  I also decided while in the hospital that I wasn’t going to breastfeed.  So, almost absolutely nothing from my birth plan actually happened.  Let this be a lesson and warning to you; you may write the most idealistic plan for your birth experience, but births almost never go according to plan.


  1. Linda Dögg

    My due date is first at December 3rd and I´m already getting anxious of having everything ready. But I do not thing it is because the baby is about to be here, it´s more cause I´m really excited and i think it´s a lot of fun to prepare. I know though that I can not prepare for everything so I keep some as wishes rather than plans. 😀