Non-traditional Baby Shower Gift Ideas

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Are you attending a baby shower and don’t know what to get the mommy-to-be?   Or are you a mommy creating a baby registry and need advice?  Sure, you could go with the usual baby needs (like the ones on my almost comprehensive Baby Needs list), but why not throw in a few surprises?

Here are a few non-traditional baby shower gift ideas that mommy will love!

  • Baby Magazine Subscription

Have a one-year subscription to a baby/parenting magazine delivered to mommy’s home.  If she is like most women, she’d rather research the answers to her baby questions than listen to outdated advice from her mother or her friends’ raising-a-child horror stories.

  • Spa Certificate

After carrying a baby inside her belly for 9+ months, mommy will definitely appreciate a relaxing day at the spa.  Get her a certificate to a local spa where she can get her nails done, a full body massage, and maybe even a facial to fade all those dark spots (thanks pregnancy hormones!).

  • Bubbly (for mommy AND daddy-to-be)

After all those months watching her friends indulged in some champagne at New Years, a beer during the Super Bowl, or a quick drink during happy hour, it’s finally time to celebrate!  Pick her up a nice bottle of wine or a few coolers.  Caution: if mommy-to-be is planning on breast-feeding, this might not be such a great gift.  Breast-feeding women should continue abstaining from alcohol.

If mommy-to-be can’t drink because of breast-feeding or because that isn’t her scene, don’t forget about daddy-to-be.  Get him a 6-pack to celebrate with his buds.

Baby’s Jungle Dots First Record Book (Green) by Carter’s Just One You

  • Baby Record Book

Baby record books are one of those things parents don’t think of getting until after they’ve already forgotten the answers to most of the questions in them. Be a great gift-giver and gift a record book.  I particularly love the one I got for my son from Carter’s.  Here is the same type of record book for a girl.  Both are only $14.99 through Amazon and are the best baby books I’ve seen!

  • Camera

After putting down hundreds (even thousands) for all the essentials for baby, maybe mommy hasn’t even thought of purchasing a digital camera or camcorder to capture baby’s precious moments and milestones.  Instead of leaving her using the grainy images from her cell phone, why not get her a really nice camera?

  • Photoshoot Session

A big luxury expense after the baby is born is a professional photoshoot of the new family.  Get a gift certificate from a local studio.  You could even throw in a really great frame to hang the photo.

  • Picture Frames

If you can’t afford to gift a photoshoot, another great gift would be a picture frame set.  After the baby comes there are going to be plenty of photos to display.  A fancy (not cheap) matching picture frame set would be great.  Include a large frame for baby and one for the first family picture.

  • Air Freshener

The first few weeks after my son’s birth my sense of smell was still as sensitive as it was when I was pregnant.  That meant his poopy diapers made me severely sick every time I smelled them.  And I couldn’t even go in his room because of all the new smells.  They made me sick.  So, a pleasant smelling air freshener would be nice.  Just explain what I just said here if mom-to-be gives you a strange look.

Am I forgetting something?  Have more suggestions?  Leave a comment!

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    Nice, All are wonderful and helpful ideas, Like I am thinking to give my friend some gift that she is pregnant, her baby is coming very soon so I am collecting some gift ideas.. Thanks for helping me!